We establish the Dedication Booth to further increase the interactions between students. To get the students to participate, we would first inform everyone that there is a Dedication Booth available in our FB Page. This Dedication Booth is open for both teachers and students!

• Interested students/teachers would have to send a private message to the SBIS Page and state their dedications. They can start sending messages on February 1, 2020.
• Right after stating their dedications, students/teachers are free to decide whether they want to be anonymous or not. If ever they chose to be anonymous, staff would be required to keep everything confidential.
• Staff would edit the messages and post it in the FB Page or announce it in between livestreams.

• Dedication Booth staff would only accept private messages between the 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM timeframe. Any messages sent out of the stated timeframe would be invalid and wouldn’t be acknowledged.
• The Dedication Booth would be posting only a maximum 20 dedications a day. Dedications between livestreams depends on the host.
• Inappropriate words are strictly not allowed.

With a theme of: “Sending my student/s to school safely. ” (Pandemic Edition)

This event wants to establish a stronger relationship bonds between the child and the parents, showcase the talents and creativeness of the participants and to provide future design material that will be used to advertise the school, and increase its enrollees.

Students and parents who are willing to participate and join the contest must follow the ff. mechanics:
• Parents and their students will team up to shoot a photo/picture, related to the decided concept.
• Competition photos can only be send in the official account of the committee for verification and identification purposes (Posting the photo/s in dummy and unknown account is automatic disqualified)
• Pictures will be posted at social media platform (Facebook) with indicated hashtags.
• To declare the winner, whoever has the highest number of reacts in the limited time (2-3 days) will be announced as the winner.
• Most reacted design material will receive the title People’s Choice Award/ Popularity award and will be declared as the winner of the competition.
• Participants may also have the chance to win a special award like:
-Most Creative Award (SSC, SBO and Coordinator votes)
-Best in Composition Award (ETECH teachers choice)
• Below are the criterion for judging

Criteria for Judging:
Creativity 25%
The story it tells 25%
Relevancy 20%
Uniqueness 20%
Composition 10%

• The poster must interpret and revolve around the theme of the foundation week.
• The material to be used in poster making is either digital or traditional art.
• Entry must be submitted to the email address provided by the committees.
• All works will be posted in the FB Page.
• The most reacted photo will receive a Special Award.
• To determine the winners, the works will be judged by the School Officials.

• The contest is open to all bonafide student of Saint Benilde International School either amateur or professional composers, bands, musicians, or singers.
• The song composition must fully describe SBIS for the past years and fall under the theme UNITY AND DIVERSITY: The power of Benilidian.
• Each participant may send only a maximum of three (2) entries.
• The song must have a minimum duration of at least three (3) minutes but not more than
• five (5) minutes.
• The lyrics and melody of the song should be original.
• The lyrics can be English or Filipino.
• The song must not contain any vulgar, inappropriate, or offensive language.
• All entries must be submitted on or before February 2, 2021.
• The performance will be aired on February 4, 2021.
• The winner will be announced on the awarding ceremony on February 6, 2021.

Requirements for Submission of Entries:
1. Song entries must be recorded in MP3 or MP4 format.
2. The entries may be submitted through:
E-mail address: j.balahadia@saintbenilde.edu.ph
Subject: Name of the participant: Section: Team belong
Ex. Lyndon Catapang: ABM 11-A: RED TEAM
3. When submitting by e-mail, the entry must be in an MP3 or MP4 file The MP3 or MP4 file should be named with the title of the song and the lyrics in word document format must be attached. One email should be sent per entry.
4. The contest organizers shall not be responsible for late, lost, damaged, misdirected, postage due, stolen, or misappropriated entries.

Criteria for Judging:
Musicality, Artistry and Creativity – 50%
(Concept, arrangement and originality)

Lyrics and Content – 40%
(construction of words, appeal of words used, impact)

Audio Quality – 10%
(No noise disruptions, lyrics are clear to understand)

Games Included
• Valorant
• Call of Duty Mobile
• Mobile Legends

Team Requirements:
A team must consist of the following:
1. 5 main players (required), 1 reserved player
2. All of the members should be an official student of SBIS

How to register?
1. Team Captain must fill out the forms and send it to the committee in charge. Here’s the link to the form (USE Your SBIS email): https://docs.google.com/…/19VCX69jQRZNM6izIWCLc…/edit…
2. Registration fee would be 30 pesos each player(except for the reserved player), a total of 150 pesos per team.
3. Payment should be sent via Gcash to this number 09467688437 -Kevin Danielle S. The total amount of money will be used for the prize pool of the said tournament. Once payment has been received, you will be notified by the admin that your team is registered for the tournament.
4. If you are registered, the team captain would be invited to the GC and discord for further announcement of the games.
5. This tournament is open for all. No need to be in the same strand or team color. As long as you are a benildian you can participate.
6. Single elimination for qualifying round to fight for 10 slots for play offs which is double elimination. Live stream will start on play offs

-Exclusive for SBIS Students ONLY. (Prepare you School ID number)
-The line up of games will be announced SOON.
-Each team player are responsible for their devices/gadgets and internet connection each game. Registration will end on Friday 5pm For further questions please contact Mr. Kevin Danielle Singson and Mr. Bernard Barcala. THANK YOU

Guidelines and Mechanics
1. Candidates must represent his/her team and must be bonafide students of Saint Benilde International School (Calamba) Inc..
2. Each team must only have two males and two females representative for the pageant.
3. The contestants, upon the endorsement of their team advisers must fill-in the official entry form on the date specified by the chairman.
4. They will send half body pictures in any pose wearing their team color for the top for males and females. This is for the online votes or Netizens’ Choice award. For the Online Voting System, there will be a one time voting of candidates – one for male and one for female. Online voting will start on February 1, 2021 and it will end on February 5, 2021 at exactly 12:00 nn.
5. Only “Wow” reacts will be counted.
4. The outfit for the production number is not important as long as they represent the team color. It should not be too revealing for the girls.
5. Each candidate will be submitting their videos for the following categories before February 2, 2021 at exactly 1 pm to the respective committee for judging purposes for at least 1 ½ minutes. And the following are the categories:
• Sportswear
• Casualwear
• School Uniform
• Formal Attire
6. The following are the categories they have to prepare during live streaming: Question and Answer Portion: Hashtags Questions and for the Magic 5
7. For Formal Attire Category, the candidates can wear anything they want as long as they look formal, for example barong tagalog, tuxedo, and etc,. For gown competition, candidates can wear long gown, evening gown, or ball gown which is available at home and will not spend too much for this category.
8. Top 5 will be chosen according to the following criteria:
Sportswear 10%
Casualwear 10%
Production Number 15%
School Uniform 15%
Formal Attire 20%
Q and A 30%
Total 100%

9. Points breakdown for each portion of the pageant will be as follows:
Bearing and Attire :25%
Beauty and Physique :40%
Stage Presence :30%
Over-all impression :5%

Bearing and Attire :25%
Beauty and Physique :40%
Stage Presence :30%
Over-all impression :5%

Bearing and Attire :25%
Beauty and Physique :40%
Stage Presence :30%
Over-all impression :5%

Bearing and Attire :25%
Beauty and Physique :40%
Stage Presence :30%
Over-all impression :5%

Bearing and Attire :30%
Beauty and Physique :35%
Stage Presence :30%
Over-all impression :5%

Confidence :20%
Beauty and Physique :30%
Clarity :20%
Relevance of the answer to the question :30%

10. For the Top 5 we will apply the back to zero basis. The questions will be coming from our respective Board of Judges with the same in weight for each question. And the following are the breakdown of points:

TOP 5 Question and Answer
Content and Ideas :40%
Beauty and Physique :40%
Confidence :20%

11. Major and Minor Awards shall be given on the following aspects for both male and female category:
Minor Awards:
Miss Photogenic
Netizen’s Choice Award
Miss Popularity
Best in Sportswear
Best in Casualwear
Best in Production Number
Best in School Uniform
Best in Formal Attire

Major Awards:
Fourth Runner Up
Third Runner Up
Second Runner Up
First Runner Up
Mr and Miss Saint Benilde International School 2021

12. The decision of the board of judges is final and cannot be irreplaceable.

13. Registration Form (USE your SBSI email): https://docs.google.com/…/1sunz…/edit…