The yearly United Nations Celebration was held at SBIS Gym last Friday, October 25, 2019. ‘Bibo’ students joined the event alongside their ever-supportive parents and guardians. Learners (Nursery to Junior High School) with varying age, grade and year levels presented their assigned countries with their colorful national costumes, expensive props and graceful dances as they performed on center stage.

Celebrating United Nations Day through students’ presentation with a show of cultural performances of different countries is a way of acknowledging United Nation’s tireless work and as a reminder of the importance of diversity, culture, and the spirit of brotherhood to everyone.

Different students wearing their respective themed attires filled the stage with life especially upon seeing the smiles and joy on the faces of their parents and guardians as they watched their children performed on the dance floor.

The event, with music and dances of different countries, was mainly a competition comprised of talented learners wearing their themed costumes, and judges rating each group’s performances with gladness and satisfaction. (See image below).

SBIS is true to its word to shape the future of their students by not only training them in academics but also in social activities such as this.

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