Saint Benilde International School (Calamba), Inc. (SBIS) held its celebration of Teachers’ Day last October 4, 2019. This event was spearheaded by none other than the students, themselves’ from SBIS Student Body Organization (SBO) [Morning Session] and Supreme Student Council (SSC) [Afternoon Session] as a way of thanking their dear teachers for their dedication, commitment and hard work to their chosen profession.

To kick-off the program, a mass was held and officiated by Rev. Fr. Isagani Pasawa which started at 9:30 AM and ended at 10:30 AM last October 3, 2019. SHS Students together with their dear teachers, paid respect to Fr. Pasawa’s homily which focused more on the significant role of the teachers in the students’ lives.

After the mass, the following day, October 4, 2019, SSC officers prepared some fun games for their teachers and spearheaded the informal search for Mr. & Ms. SBIS-Teachers for this particular event. You could see in the faces of their teachers how ecstatic they were for the program the students have organized for them.

On the same date, October 4, 2019, students from Elementary and JHS Departments which was led by SBO gave their response to their life heroes by giving them the spotlight they deserved for that special day.

SBO colored the program more vividly as they held a segment on the search for the King, Queen, Prince and Princess-Teachers of SBIS and here they are, the winners of the said search. (See photo below).

After the event, it could be seen on their teachers’ faces that they are satisfied and contented with what the students have set for them. This kind of so-called pageant made the event truly enjoyable for the teachers.

The celebration of the Teachers’ Day, with SSC and SBO as organizers, was in full support of the school administration composed of the VPSA David D. Guillera, Jr., School Director Dr. Juanita B. Corre, SHS Principal Ms. Raquel N. Wagan and BEd. Principal Dr. Exequiel I. Caubang.

Here are images from this year’s Teachers’ Day:

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