A 2-day training seminar for the teachers of the Basic Education Department was held last October 28-29, 2019 at SBIS New Zealand Room with the theme, “In -Service Training: The Continuing Education of Teachers”. This dynamic event was facilitated by eloquent and powerful speakers from different reputable schools giving a hands-on training to SBIS teachers who have been craving to grow professionally through this undertaking.

On the 1st Day (AM Session), Jessie Manalo – the Principal of Maranatha Christian Academy lectured on ‘Curriculum Mapping: A Guide for Classroom Teaching and Teachers’ Classification’. Sir Jessie lectured on Curriculum Mapping which will make the teachers focus on balance between the content across curricula and allow them to look into each classroom and see what learners learn in the classroom discussion, and helps them gather data on redundancies or gaps in the course content of what the teachers are teaching.

In the afternoon of the same day (PM Session), Annaliza Querubin – Principal of Active Community Contributors Institute (ACCI) discussed the ‘Table of Specifications, Item Analysis, and Test Performance Rate: Tools for Effective Test Construction’. Ms. Querubin guided our dear teachers on how to construct a more effective test questionnaire applying the abovementioned tools for our millennial learners.

The following day, a whole day session was facilitated by Dr. Corre who lectured on ‘Multiple Intelligences of the Learners: A Guide for Appropriate Teaching Style’. Adapting to our modern learners’ behavior and teaching preferences is essential to their over all academic health. For this reason, Dr. Corre thoroughly discussed the different multiple intelligences of the learners and shared with the teachers the appropriate teaching style suited for the particular intelligence of the learners.

The event was supplemented with productive workshops where the participants were asked to do some reporting based on their given tasks as output of their trainings. The Faculty Development Trainings with the Basic Education Teachers as participants were spearheaded by Dr. Corre, herself.

Exposing our dear teachers to INSET whether organized in or off-campus is also our way of shaping our teachers’ future.

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