On October 8 and 9, 2019, SBIS held its Field trips for Nursery – Grade 6 and Junior High School, respectively. There were a total of 300 students, and 33 faculty and staff who joined the field trip on the first day. The first batch of students enjoyed what Manila could best offer for their age by touring the following itineraries: a.) Repertory Philippines for musical play, “The Quest for the Ibong Adarna”; b.) The Dessert Museum; and c.) The Playlab.

The administration made sure that these students would love the itineraries mentioned above which were in coordination with SBIS Tour Provider, Jiro Travel & Tours. The goal is to keep their playful and imaginative mind at work. As we all know, children are rich in fantasies and fairytales and adults such as our teachers guided them well according to their way of thinking.

The day after, the second batch — Junior High school students, were given the chance to have their own moment and fun. A total of 203 students and 23 teachers and staff showed up during the tour and their itineraries were: a.) Zoobic Safari; b.) Ocean Adventure; and c.) Duty Free.

JHS Benildians appreciated so much the event which brought-in memories and answered curiosities in their “pockets”.

To summarize, students in general had fun while learning at the same time because of the well-informative and enjoyable activities arranged for them by the said Tour Provider and with the full support extended to the parents and students by the school administration and the teachers. Kudos to the SBIS Management!

Here are images from this year’s Field Trip:

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