NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: After a thourough investigation of the fb post dated September 14, 2019 at 9:53 pm by a certain Kath Marzan, the girl who posted the picture of the two boys with the background of Saint Benilde International School, who also uttered profane language in her post and accused the said boys of touching her, it was found out that Ms. Marzan and the 2 boys in the picture are NOT bonafide students of SBIS.

The said students were only spectators who watched the volleyball and basketball games during the cluster meet held in the gym of SBIS last September 12-13 2019, where a lot of students both from public and private schools were also watching the events.

Hence, SBIS has nothing to do with the fb post of Ms. Marzan, more so, the incident that took place between her and the 2 boys. SBIS, together with its administration and the whole community, is true to its objective to instill into the minds of our students, the attitudes and values essential to their personal development.

Furthermore, SBIS takes its stand to sanction anyone from the community, who will put the reputation of the school at stake in whatever forms, based on the written policy in the Student Handbook and Employee’s Manual.

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