October 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm at the Nursery Room, qualified and “pioneer” faculty members attended the very 1st SBIS College Faculty Meeting regarding college orientation with Executive Dean Dr. Juanita B. Corre presiding the meeting. SBIS believes that it is important that their faculty members should be well-informed about the tertiary education rules and regulations for smooth office and academic operations. The orientation started by discussing the duties and responsibilities of the professors as classroom instructors and with regards to their interaction with the college students and abiding with the school policies.

Furthermore, attendance and punctuality is one of the main agenda of the conference to promote professionalism. It was followed by the standard grading system for the faculty members to be guided with in computing the students’ grades.

Finally, attendees marked their calendars for the upcoming activities this 1st Semester SY 2019-2020 for the college department scheduled dates for the submission of test questions (for approval of the dean), triple-checked student grades as per the grading system, class records, and their respective courses’ syllabi.

This kind of event is SBIS way of training the teachers to be dedicated, committed and hardworking for our students to have a wonderful academic journey with us. Want to know more about our course offerings? Inquire now!