It’s the Holiday season and what is it without a Christmas Party? Another blessing has come from the SBIS community as Basic Ed students spread their contagious smiles and graces throughout the day by performing their effort-driven numbers on stage. This event was held last December 17, 20 19 at the SBIS Gymnasium. Parents readied their supportive shouts when their respective children were on stage that made the program more joyful and alive.

Teachers supported their students on their seats cheering them the best they could while others joined their class advisory’s performances to make their students choreography more smooth and appealing.

The event was entirely not just for the performance but also for fun. Students also played several ice breakers to hype up the event. It could be seen on the image below that these ‘bibo’ students were geared to win the games.

Parties like these really gets exciting if there are rewards being given for their wonderful efforts performing or by winning the game.

The event was successful thanks to the Students Body Organizations both from the Elementary and Junior High School levels who handled the activity. The students sure enjoyed their last day for this year especially during the parlor games.

Happy Holidays, everyone! May you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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