School Facilities and Student Services

Since SBIS is the second home of the Benildians, all its students may use and avail of its facilities and student services. Proper care and use of these facilities are encouraged and expected from all students at all times, which includes the classrooms for learning experiences, the library for study and research, the Computer Laboratory Rooms for hands-on application of Computer theories and lessons, the school clinic where the school physician, nurse and the school dentist offer health services, the canteen for food during breaks, the Guidance Office for consultations and counselling, the Technology and livelihood Education Laboratory for practical housekeeping skills and know-how, the science Laboratory for experiments in Science and Technology, the gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and other forms of sports and physical education activities.

For academic consultations or individual counselling, the students may see their teachers in the Reception Area of the Faculty Room. Should there be any need for students to talk to the Principal for consulations or clarifications, students, parents or visitors are welcome to see the Principal at the Principal’s Office.

Students have to observe proper use of school facilities. Their improper use will result in the students’ paying for the facilities’ repair/replacement and being meted out with the corresponding disciplinary measures.