Student Scholarship and Benefits

To encourage students to excel in the field of academics and sports to help needy but deserving students on a per year basis, the school grants the following scholarships:

  1. Discount on tuition fee for all cash payments.
  2. Siblings discount.
  3. Entrance ScholarshipThis is given to students entering SBIS from other school if they graduated at first, second or third honors. They need to present the certificate of scholarship awarded to them from SBIS and certification duly signed by the President with the school seal.
  4. Academic ScholarshipTo recognize academic excellence, the school grant scholarship on tuition fee only of student who qualify for First, Second, Third Honor and subsequent ranks for the three levels at the end of the school year.
  5. Athletic ScholarshipStudents who qualify for the junior Varsity Teams are granted Full, Half or Partial Scholarships on a case to case basis upon recommendation of the Coach/Principal/School Administrator and as approved by the President considering tenure, academic and game performance of the Athlete.
  6. Loyalty Scholarship
    1. Kinder Graduate/s who has/have been studied Nursery and Nursery 2 at SBIS will be entitled to a certain discount on tuition fee when he/she enrolled in Grade 1.
    2. Also, a discount on tuition fee will also be enjoyed by Grade 6 graduates who consistently studied at SBIS during his/her elementary years.
  7. Other Scholarship GrantsDiscount on tuition for Dependents of Medal of Valor Awardee.

For inquiries, visit our Admission Office.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Scholarship will be granted only after all the necessary requirements have been satisfied.
  2. A scholar of current school year may not necessary be a scholar of the following year.