Guidance and Testing Services

  • > Individual Inventory ServicesAccumulation and analyzing of cumulative data of learners pertaining to history and developmental records of learners. Maintain records of information about learners’ needs, abilities, and interests, educational and family background. There will be an individual form for each student and it will be an instrument for counseling tool.
  • > Orientation ServicesProvide students with an orientation that aims at making the learners adjust to school life.
  • > Student Development ProgramEnhance the personal and social skills of learners, focusing on preventive aspect of guidance in line with the issues and concerns harnessing the academic, career, and personal and social development of the learners.
  • > Counseling ServicesDevelop a one on one helping relationship that focuses on students’ growth and adjustment as well as problem solving and academic, career, and personal decision-making.   a. Routine interview for new and old learners   b. Academic counseling for learners that under academic probation and with learners with decreasing grades.   c. Developmental counseling for all the students   d. Career counseling for Junior and Senior High School learners   e. Exit interview for graduating students   f. Exit interview for learners who transferred out
  • > Testing ServicesAdministration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized psychological tests of personality, interests, needs, achievement, and intelligence.
  • > Research & Evaluation ServicesConducts evaluations to improve the program and services of the school such as student needs assessment, evaluation of symposium, seminar for learners and with their parents,
  • > Referral ServicesDevelop positive, cooperative working relationships with the psychologists, psychiatrists, agencies and resources for proper turnover of cases of the learners.
  • > Special Program for Peer FacilitatorsTrain student leaders to be the working arm of Guidance Counselors to the needs of the learners and be of assistance in the implementation of Guidance Services.

Psychological Tests

  1. Reynold’s Intellectual Assesment ScalesA comprehensive and cost-effective intelligence test, the RIAS is a high-quality, reliable instrument that provides the necessary information to help clinicians make decisions regarding classification, selection, and educational placement. Individually administered, the RIAS includes a conormed, supplemental measure of memory and is ideal for use in both educational and clinical settings.
  2. Reynold’s Intellectual Screening Test – 2nd EditionDerived from the RIAS, the Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test™ (RIST™) consists of one verbal subtest and one nonverbal subtest. This brief screening measure takes only 10 minutes to administer and helps to quickly identify individuals who need a more comprehensive intellectual assessment or an intellectual reevaluation.
  3. COP System Interest Tests
  4. Carreer Attitudes and Strategies Inventory: An Inventory for Understanding Adult Careers.
  5. Kaufman Brief Intelligence TestA brief, individually administered measure of verbal (vocabulary subtest) and non-verbal (Matrices subtest) intelligence. assesses verbal and nonverbal intelligence independently, and unlike IQ tests, they do not contain visuospatial construction. The KBIT is a highly specialized test that is used to measure and concisely measure the cognitive abilities, such as specific strengths and weaknesses, of small children and must be administered by a healthcare professional. That being said, it may not be obtained by people that do not have a specialized healthcare certification or degree.
  6. House-Tree-Person TestA projective technique designed to determine the main personality traits of a person who performs it. It’s often used during job interviews and different kinds of evaluations.