Quality Objectives

To ensure the position of Saint Benilde International School as the foremost provider of glocalized lifelong learning opportunities, its stakeholders shall be guided by the following quality objectives:

  1. Advocate for diversity and equity among learners;
  2. Continuously develop educators’ experiential and academic readiness;
  3. Integrate glocalized lifelong learning in curriculum development, delivery, and evaluation;
  4. Engage in local and international research activities;
  5. Ensure that the information resource center is updated, utilized, monitored, and evaluated;
  6. Guarantee that personnel are presented with opportunities for career advancement;
  7. Ensure that facilities and laboratories are updated, utilized, monitored, and evaluated;
  8. Implement a comprehensive security and maintenance plan;
  9. Continuously improve existing administrative practices;
  10. Implement a sustainable community extension plan for the adopted community; and
  11. Produce glocally competent graduates.